fertile parro eggs and birds for sale - EUR 250


We sell hand raised well tamed talking (African

Grey,Cockatoo,conures,toucan,Amazon and macaw parrots) and Candle

tested fertile eggs with incubators for reasonable Prices we have more

than 30 species of parrots and eggs Available contact through email

for more Details barrettwatson@hotmail.com


pk thomas
04.12.2014 15:33 hs.
please tell me how to buy various parrot eggs from your farm. inform me about the price also. i would like to pay in indian rupees tell me the way of transportation also. thomas
Irshad choori ibrahim
26.06.2013 17:41 hs.
Hai,I want to know were your country & location.i likes to come direct and purchase.so please sent me ur address.
16.05.2013 11:43 hs.
I need 2 eggs each of African Grey and Sulpher crest cockatoo confirm price.
Ramon Batista
13.04.2013 17:59 hs.
I want buy 10 grey egg,what i have to do,i live in new york.
10.08.2012 20:08 hs.
sulphur crested cockatoo greater chicks 1-3 months old delivery in hyderabad india
23.07.2012 13:27 hs.
I wnt 1 egg tel cost.delivery cost
21.07.2012 12:40 hs.
Cost of grey egg to erode in tamil nadu.in rupees
13.07.2012 09:49 hs.
iam oreder eggs deliverying destination kerala- cochin- india. india any customs proplems . before your deliverd eggs and parrot in idia.send me replay.
12.07.2012 16:33 hs.
i need babymecaw,plz tel me price
03.07.2012 19:09 hs.
the prices for the two scarlet macaw parrot is 650$ for them including shipping fee to your location do get back to us with your email address so that we can sent you pictures of them
03.07.2012 09:00 hs.
i need two scarlet macaw plz tell me the price
29.06.2012 07:28 hs.
I like to purchase 4 eggs of every bread, will you please get back to my email address with contact details and exact price detials, and I am from kerala Trivandrum.
28.06.2012 16:05 hs.
i need large quantity of different type parrot fertile eggs.( delivering to kerala).your last price send to me.and 1 or 2 month old parrot price also send(different type)
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